Course Detail

BSc(Hons) Computer Science


BSc(Hons) Computer Science shows you how to analyse complex problems, design the algorithms to solve them, and write the programs that put these solutions into practice.

There's a strong AI focus, and you'll learn from world-leading experts, studying and applying AI in a range of environments.

You'll develop a solid foundation in object-oriented software development, and create algorithms that use data structures to manage huge volumes of data. Learn how to design and develop innovative programs ranging from mobile apps to desktop applications and enterprise systems.

Choose from modules that enable you to work with industry mentors, or that explore cutting-edge ideas such as the Internet of Things.

Attend talks from professionals and apply your learning through hands-on projects that solve real-world problems.

Bristol is recognised as a high-tech 'super-cluster', with over 50,000 people employed in the industry. You'll be able to work alongside some of them by undertaking a work placement, with companies such as Microsoft, IBM or GCHQ.

This degree is accredited by the British Computer Society (BCS), enabling you to become a Chartered Information Technology Professional (CITP), or Chartered Engineer (CEng).

Course Information

  • IELTS: 6.0/5.5

  • Scholarship: Yes

  • Tuition Fee: £13500